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8 JAN 2022

There are many different ways to make your photos look better online. One way is to use a photo editor to manually adjust things like brightness, contrast and saturation. Another way is to use artificial intelligence to automatically improve the photo quality.

Free photo editors

There are two types of photo editors: free and paid. The free editors are usually simpler to use, but they may not offer the same level of control over your images as the paid versions. For example, if you want to adjust the brightness and contrast in your photos, you may not be able to do that with a free editor. For example, Adobe Photoshop Express is a free online application that provides a variety of adjustment tools to correct photos, including brightness, contrast, color balance, and saturation. Another option is to use a photo sharing sites, like Google Photo, these sites can be useful if you want to make minor adjustments easily to your photos, such as adjusting brightness and contrast.

For paid photo editors, Adobe Photoshop costs around $700. It is a bit expensive, but it has a lot of features that can make your photos look excellent. If you are looking for something cheaper, Corel PaintShop Pro, which costs around $100 is also a good alternative.

Photo editing can be a difficult task that often requires a lot of practice. In order to create an amazing photo, you might need to learn how to use photo editing tools. However, keep in mind that everyone's results will vary based on their own personal taste and preferences.

How to improve the quality of an image

Correcting photo flaws can be difficult, but with some practice, it can be done. One common method is adjusting the white balance, which can be done by selecting a preset or custom white balance, or by using a white balance tool to adjust the color temperature. Lighting can also be corrected by using levels and curves adjustments to adjust the brightness, contrast, and tone of an image. Color can be corrected with saturation and hue adjustments, and sharpness can be improved with various filters and tools.

Changing the white balance of an image is the most trivial task possible in post processing. A simple tick on a box is all it takes to do a good job of correcting white balance in a photograph.

Exposure and contrast can be easily adjusted by adding/removing light with levels and curves adjustments. Attention is also needed to brightness and tone to make sure things appear natural. To help with balancing various tones, the eye dropper can be used to pick a specific area to help adjust everything else properly.

When images are exposed correctly, getting the levels to look right is often an easy thing to do. If a photo is underexposed, the shadows have too much information in them and parts of the image will appear very dark. To fix this, simply move the white slider to increase the brightness of the image, and adjust the black slider to decrease it. The same can be done by clicking on a tonal area to see what that means for the others. This can also be done automatically with hopes of correcting it with the levels histogram.

Working with levels and manual curves is mostly done by using an eyedropper for average color values, and using rule of thumb settings supported by soft clipping the tones of a range of colors to tell if people's flesh looks natural or not. Exposure affects the shadows and highlights closely, so it can be easily adjusted with the shadows and highlights of an image.

This gives forms of flexibility in how to apply corrections to an image, as opposed to a lot of filters which are similar but have slight differences. A downside is that not even a decent selection of adjustment tools is available for adjustments for curves and levels, and many things need to be done by hand and experience.

AI photo enhancer

The AI photo enhancer for example, Pixble, on the other hand make use of artificial intelligence, can automatically improve the quality of your photos. It can improve the different aspects of your photos including clarity, light, depth, detail, definition and sharpness. It optimizes any photo be it snaps on your smartphone or a nice shot from your DSLR and produces higher quality photographs in a commercially competitive environment. Additionally, it can reduce noise in images, sharpen blurry images and get rid of artifacts. It can quickly produce high quality photos in a few minutes for a fraction of the cost. If you have a lot of photos that need to be edited, it can save you a lot of time and money.

If you are an online marketer or creative professional, you know that high-quality photos can benefit your business. With AI photo enhancer, you can easily enhance your photos and create a better image for your products, services, social media posts, or website in just a few clicks without any technical skills.

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