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What is Face Swapper?

How does it work?

We leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to detect faces on photos and map the facial features of other faces of your choice automatically. The face is rendered in 3D; in the result, the replacement is more accurate and realistic.

How to achieve the best result?

Our Faceswapper works even when the face is rotated and tilted. For better results, please use quality photos without anything in front of faces of the person, hair and hands for example. Faceswapper returns the same size of the source images.

Lower Cost

Pixble Magic offers similar services to Editing Agencies but with 95% lower in cost, making it a much more viable option.

Astounding Quality

Your photos will always have the look of truly professional photographs, so you are going to be pleased with the results every time.

Fast Delivery

Speed is important to us. Our AI software runs on a sophisticated network of computers; the average delivery time is as little as 1 minutes.

Easy to Integrate
into us

Our API is ready to integrate into your application. It's as easy to use, with 100% fully automatic processing capabilities - so no more worries about managing people or resources!

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